Welcome To My Lair!!!!!!

Greetings fellow knowledge seekers!!!!!!,

Let me be the first to welcome you to my lair of infinite discoveries. Now your probably wondering who I am, well let me go ahead and take a moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Raven Pendragon. Now you may call me Mr. Pendragon, but all my friends just call me Raven. I am an aspiring writer and I am also a blogger on the side. Currently at the moment I am working on my first science fiction novel along with a few short stories. I hope to someday publish these works but for right now, I guess the main reason for writing is that I enjoy it and it gives me a way to escape the everyday world. But enough about me, let me tell you more about what my lair is going to be about.

Basically, Pendragon’s Lair will focus on the latest news from around the world. I will also post some of my short stories, excerpts from my first science fiction novel that is currently in the works, puzzles that will test your mind and logic and many other exciting features that I just cant fit into this post. So if you are ready, get ready to spread your wings and come with me on a journey like no other. So until the next time we meet, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.


Raven Pendragon


3 responses to “Welcome To My Lair!!!!!!

  1. please – no tests, hurts my brain – not suppose to think anymore – just listen to the people on the box who tell me what to do.

    Looking forward to seeing the Sci-Fi story!

  2. Hello, Raven. Nice blog you have here. I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi (and anime, I do visit your other blog from time to time) and you seem to have an interesting voice so I’ll look forward to your work and check on you from time to time. Blogging might seem a bit lonely sometimes, hard to get comments on the things that matter to you most but keep it up. You’ve got a lot of writing ahead of you. 🙂

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