Misc. Post-Classic Halloween Commercials!!!!!


Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Well I can’t believe that we are only a few days a way from Halloween. A time where children and adults dress up in costumes and they to get as much candy and tricks as they can. Well maybe some of you probably will not go out trick or treating this coming Sunday but to get you guys in to the spirit of the holiday, here are some classic Halloween commercials that will tickle your funny bone and might just give you a scare!!!!!

Dunkin Donuts Halloween Donuts 1990’s

This gave me a great laugh, it even wants me to go out and get a few myself!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Woolworth’s Commercial from 1978!!!!!!

Ah the good old days before Wal-Mart and Target became super popular. Where’s Woolworth’s when you need it now a days!!!!!

Meijer Commercial 2000’s

Wouldn’t you be scared to enter a Meijer store if you saw this!!!!!!

So in closing, have a happy and safe Halloween and until next time. Remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.


Raven Pendragon


2 responses to “Misc. Post-Classic Halloween Commercials!!!!!

    • Amen to that, why can we hop into a time machine and go back to a simpler time where things were good and their was no violence in the world and the economy was in good shape.

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