16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (via Philanthropy Writing)

Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

If you are looking for something different to do this Valentines Day, well take a look at this post to find out ways that you can make a difference for those less fortunate this valentines day.



16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day This Valentine's Day, forget the wining and dining. Do something that matters. Like many people, I've had good Valentine's Days and well, not so good. The not-so-good dates back to middle school, when I, like many of my classmates, anxiously awaited one of those pink-dyed carnations from what I hoped would be a secret admirer. Much to my disma … Read More

via Philanthropy Writing


General-Pendragon’s Lair To Resume Posting After Long Hiatus!!!!

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Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

So your probably wondering where I have been since I last posted? Well let me explain what has been going on with my life on these last few months. So for the most part, I was concentrating on school in which I have graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in computer technology. Now I am focusing on finding full-time employment in which I can make a decent living while pursuing my dream to become a published writer. But enough about that, let me explain what going to happen here at Pendragon’s Lair.

For the most part, I will be doing more frequent postings with news commentaries, short stories, puzzles and much more to enhance your knowledge of the world. And on an un-related note, I am planning to move Pendragon’s Lair to a hosting service known as Squarespace. It is a really great hosting service in which in which they make it simple to transfer a WordPress blog to a server without all of the crud that other services do.

So all in all that is what is going on with Pendragon’s Lair at the moment, I keep you posted on future developments for the site as we go. So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key that will let you follow your dreams.




Misc. Post-Classic Halloween Commercials!!!!!


Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Well I can’t believe that we are only a few days a way from Halloween. A time where children and adults dress up in costumes and they to get as much candy and tricks as they can. Well maybe some of you probably will not go out trick or treating this coming Sunday but to get you guys in to the spirit of the holiday, here are some classic Halloween commercials that will tickle your funny bone and might just give you a scare!!!!!

Dunkin Donuts Halloween Donuts 1990’s

This gave me a great laugh, it even wants me to go out and get a few myself!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Woolworth’s Commercial from 1978!!!!!!

Ah the good old days before Wal-Mart and Target became super popular. Where’s Woolworth’s when you need it now a days!!!!!

Meijer Commercial 2000’s

Wouldn’t you be scared to enter a Meijer store if you saw this!!!!!!

So in closing, have a happy and safe Halloween and until next time. Remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.


Raven Pendragon

News Commentary-Pomegranates To Improve Your Sexlife??? Really!!!!!


Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Now here is an interesting story that may come as a shock to some of you readers out there. Recently POM, makers of the POM Pomegranate juice drink has recently launched their first ad campaign in which they are promoting the sexual benefits of the popular juice drink. The new ads feature some popular characters from history such as the Greek goddess Aphrodite and Adam and Eve!!!!! One photo featuring one of the new ads can be seen below.



Now while these ads are a little bit suggestive, this does not bring any proof that there are any sexual benefits by drinking the juice. In fact, the FTC has recently launched an investigation into the claims about the health benefits of the popular juice brand. Even thought the company has spent over $34 billion dollars over the years on research and development, their are still some people who are skeptical as to the overall benefits of drinking Pomegranate juice.

So overall while POM’s new ad campaign might gain a strong following, I feel that this will not be the case in which I see this not working. So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams. Ltrs.   

Raven’s Rants-Quizzes On Facebook, Major Time Wasters Or Ridiculous Tests To Just Make Us Look Smarter?

Facebook_4.grid-6x2 top-quizzes

Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Well I think it is time for me to do my first official post for Pendragon’s Lair. And to kick things off to a great start, I am going to talk about something that all of us who use Facebook tend to dabble into from time to time. That’s right I am referring to the quizzes that Facebook users create for our pleasure and enjoyment.

Now your probably asking yourselves, why would we consider taking these quizzes if they don’t mean anything of importance. Well for one reason, we tend to take them because they sound interesting. Let me give you an example, just the other day I was on Facebook and I found a quiz entitled “Who Were You In A Past Life?”. So I figured that this would be good with a laugh so I decided to give it a try.

So as I was going thru the quiz, I was answering questions such as what was my favorite color and what would be my dream job. So I answered all the questions and once I was done, I was given the result that I was “Einstein” in a past life. So at first I was a bit surprised at the result and I thought to myself “Really, I was Einstein in a previous life?”. Come On!!!!! How could I have been Einstein in a previous life, granted I have a strong knowledge of many things but I can’t say that I am like Einstein at the least.

So in conclusion are Facebook quizzes a complete waste of time? Well in actuality, these quizzes are interesting and are somewhat fun. But in all honesty, I often wonder who has that much time to come up with these things. Well I am not exactly sure at the moment, but when I do find the answer I will bring it up in another post. And with that, this will wrap up my first official post here at the Lair. I hope that all of you guys enjoyed this post and make sure you keep coming back for more interesting posts that will expand your curiosity.

So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.



Welcome To My Lair!!!!!!

Greetings fellow knowledge seekers!!!!!!,

Let me be the first to welcome you to my lair of infinite discoveries. Now your probably wondering who I am, well let me go ahead and take a moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Raven Pendragon. Now you may call me Mr. Pendragon, but all my friends just call me Raven. I am an aspiring writer and I am also a blogger on the side. Currently at the moment I am working on my first science fiction novel along with a few short stories. I hope to someday publish these works but for right now, I guess the main reason for writing is that I enjoy it and it gives me a way to escape the everyday world. But enough about me, let me tell you more about what my lair is going to be about.

Basically, Pendragon’s Lair will focus on the latest news from around the world. I will also post some of my short stories, excerpts from my first science fiction novel that is currently in the works, puzzles that will test your mind and logic and many other exciting features that I just cant fit into this post. So if you are ready, get ready to spread your wings and come with me on a journey like no other. So until the next time we meet, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.


Raven Pendragon