Raven’s Rants-Quizzes On Facebook, Major Time Wasters Or Ridiculous Tests To Just Make Us Look Smarter?

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Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Well I think it is time for me to do my first official post for Pendragon’s Lair. And to kick things off to a great start, I am going to talk about something that all of us who use Facebook tend to dabble into from time to time. That’s right I am referring to the quizzes that Facebook users create for our pleasure and enjoyment.

Now your probably asking yourselves, why would we consider taking these quizzes if they don’t mean anything of importance. Well for one reason, we tend to take them because they sound interesting. Let me give you an example, just the other day I was on Facebook and I found a quiz entitled “Who Were You In A Past Life?”. So I figured that this would be good with a laugh so I decided to give it a try.

So as I was going thru the quiz, I was answering questions such as what was my favorite color and what would be my dream job. So I answered all the questions and once I was done, I was given the result that I was “Einstein” in a past life. So at first I was a bit surprised at the result and I thought to myself “Really, I was Einstein in a previous life?”. Come On!!!!! How could I have been Einstein in a previous life, granted I have a strong knowledge of many things but I can’t say that I am like Einstein at the least.

So in conclusion are Facebook quizzes a complete waste of time? Well in actuality, these quizzes are interesting and are somewhat fun. But in all honesty, I often wonder who has that much time to come up with these things. Well I am not exactly sure at the moment, but when I do find the answer I will bring it up in another post. And with that, this will wrap up my first official post here at the Lair. I hope that all of you guys enjoyed this post and make sure you keep coming back for more interesting posts that will expand your curiosity.

So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams.