News Commentary-Pomegranates To Improve Your Sexlife??? Really!!!!!


Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

Now here is an interesting story that may come as a shock to some of you readers out there. Recently POM, makers of the POM Pomegranate juice drink has recently launched their first ad campaign in which they are promoting the sexual benefits of the popular juice drink. The new ads feature some popular characters from history such as the Greek goddess Aphrodite and Adam and Eve!!!!! One photo featuring one of the new ads can be seen below.


Now while these ads are a little bit suggestive, this does not bring any proof that there are any sexual benefits by drinking the juice. In fact, the FTC has recently launched an investigation into the claims about the health benefits of the popular juice brand. Even thought the company has spent over $34 billion dollars over the years on research and development, their are still some people who are skeptical as to the overall benefits of drinking Pomegranate juice.

So overall while POM’s new ad campaign might gain a strong following, I feel that this will not be the case in which I see this not working. So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key to follow your dreams. Ltrs.