General-Pendragon’s Lair To Resume Posting After Long Hiatus!!!!

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Greetings fellow knowledge seekers,

So your probably wondering where I have been since I last posted? Well let me explain what has been going on with my life on these last few months. So for the most part, I was concentrating on school in which I have graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in computer technology. Now I am focusing on finding full-time employment in which I can make a decent living while pursuing my dream to become a published writer. But enough about that, let me explain what going to happen here at Pendragon’s Lair.

For the most part, I will be doing more frequent postings with news commentaries, short stories, puzzles and much more to enhance your knowledge of the world. And on an un-related note, I am planning to move Pendragon’s Lair to a hosting service known as Squarespace. It is a really great hosting service in which in which they make it simple to transfer a WordPress blog to a server without all of the crud that other services do.

So all in all that is what is going on with Pendragon’s Lair at the moment, I keep you posted on future developments for the site as we go. So until next time, remember that the boundaries of knowledge are infinite. And that knowledge is the key that will let you follow your dreams.